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Terms & Conditions

Customer Terms and Conditions

  • All Cockerpoo and Labradoodles which intend on being groomed at The Ulti-Mutt Groomer Salon must come to appointments every 6 weeks. If the coat is left long and the above is not followed the dog can be turned away and declined the appointment. This is due to the coat type of the breed. They don’t malt therefore can result in severe matting, and potential pain caused to the dog.


  • If any dog has matting in their coat an additional fee will be added on to the groom. I do not believe in putting any dog through pain or discomfort when brushing out matting. Consequently if any dog comes to the salon with matting due to no regular brushing the area will be clipped if needed.


  • A fee will be issued if you are late collecting your dog from the agreed time of collection. The fee is £5 per 15 minutes and this is due to the strict time schedule between appointments in the salon. This is non negotiable.


  • If you are early to collect your dog please wait in your vehicle until the time of collection. If you are early and enter the salon the dogs can become very excited to see their owners and can hinder the finishing of their groom.


  • A £7.50 fee will be charged to each dog that enters the salon with fleas or any parasite. If the dog persistently comes to their appointment with these issues they will be declined their groom.

Cancellation Policy


  • All new customers must pay a £15 deposit for their first appointment which is non refundable. The deposit will be deducted off the price of the groom. All deposits must be made within 48hours of booking to secure the appointment. If no payment is received the appointment will not be filled and will be open to any customers.


  • Any customers that cancel less then 48 hours before the appointment, or miss their appointments must pay a £15 fee. This fee will need to be paid before rebooking, and is a three strike policy for any customers missing appointments.


  • To avoid a cancellation fee please notify the salon 48 hours before appointment if it needs to be cancelled or altered.